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, antioch. and san leandro. we are expecting decent weather for the north bay. 87 and petaluma. downtown san francisco. 87 degrees and keeping it in the '70s with comfortable conditions. great for the beach. ocean beach. the citydaly city the kif is at 5:20 with temperatures in the '70s with a little bit breezy. your kron 4 7 day around the bay hot weather is relatively short lived. tomorrow we will continue with that cool down as we transition into the weekend. big changes monday, to stay with wet weather. and primarily in the north bay. temperatures are struggling to get even to moderate levels at the warmest inland areas next week. >> storm damage out of tennessee mobile home residents have been evacuated. you can see this toppled trees as this line of storms continued to move across the midsection. 50,000 outages reported in the giants midsection. this also bring out the giants came from st. louis. >> dangers wild fires. was rained out because of this same weather system. -- >> firefighters evacuating 100 homes because of the path of this fire. they have been working air tankers and grou
from petaluma the search for a missing girl has turned into a possible kidnapping. 15-year-old ruby cruz mendoza was last seen getting into a car with 29-year-old man last night near her home in petaluma. investigators believe she may have been in an relationship with him. and the two could be headed for mexico. >>> happening right now in an oakland courtroom, closing arguments in the murder trial of giselle esteban the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le last year at the hayward hospital where le worked. her body was found in pleasanton four months later. >>> developing news involving google. trading of the company stock has been halted after its latest earnings report leaked early and stock price took a drastic plunge. a contractor released the earnings report early by mistake. it was supposed to have been released after the close of regular trading today, the stock fell more than $68 or 9% to $687.30 before that trading was stopped. >>> oregon supreme court ordered release of more than 20,000 pages of confidential files kept by the boy scouts of america. the so-c
in petaluma are searching for a missing teenaged girl who hasn't been seen since yet. police are looking for 15-year-old ruby cruze mendoza who are seen getting into a car with 29-year-old larry carmona. investigators saz the two are reportedly having a relationship. both are from petaluma. police are calling this an abduction since it's not clear if the 15-year-old girl went voluntarily nlts a prominent south bay doctor appeared in court today to face a long list of charges including selling and using illegal drugs. as robert honda reports, more charges are looming. >> 61-year-old doctor walked grim faced into a santa clara county courthouse this afternoon. inside he was charged with 18 felonies ranging from selling and using illegal drugs themselves to trading prescriptions for cash and drugs. >> prescribing without medical need and also prescribing to people that he knows or should know are addicts. >> according to court documents obtained by ktvu, investigators say wrote prescriptions for at least 29 people and for large quantity tis. for example, james snider allegedly received a 1,
petaluma's santa rosa 81. downtown san francisco and around 74 degrees. many of us will be above the average high. your kron 7 day of from the bay for crass things warm-up for wednesday and thursday. thursday will feel like checking any hot spot is a pretty quiet ride from the bay area. the bay bridge toll plaza just a few cars out there. no problems with the metering lights you see traffic flowing freely. again traffic is moving wolfram of the approaches that drive under nine minutes toward the foot of the maze. >> we ar--golden gate bridge or cried southdown 101 no issues with visibility. no accident for those of you coming out of marin county. >> here on our traffic maps still sing green coming down the east shore freeway again the dumbarton bridge is a nice and easy ride no problems on the approach coming down the nimitz freeway i want to remind everyone that the san mateo bridge will be closed friday beginning at 10:00 p.m. stretching all weekend long scheduled to reopen monday morning at 5:00 a.m.. it >> aliya showed the race is nearly deadlocked. the address itself to step
7 news will tell you all the flight delays. >>> right now the search is on for a missing petaluma girl last seen at a park near her home. what police are spaying about a man she was seen with. >>> a doctor is busted for drugs in south bay. police say he supplied illegal drugs to minors from his home and may be involved in child porn. >>> good morning i'm sue hall following your thursday morning commute, new accident just reported westbound overturn at the toll plaza, things will be slow there, crews are headed to the scene now. >>> no longer good morning if you are using the san mateo bridge. sue will have more. right now let's begin with developing news stories. >> investigators on the scene now of a house fire in castro valley that has turned into a homicide investigation that fire broke out on san carlos avenue after midnight after it was put out firefighters found a body inside. >> they are not release -- not releasing information. amy hollyfield is just bat scene. she will have a live report in -- in a minute. >>> developing news from the north bay putnam -- petaluma police a
for alameda. 72 in union city. mild forecast head with low seventies for novato petaluma. 67 degrees for downtown san francisco your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast not much change mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper seventies for your warmest in a daring spirit at the traffic center no major accidents the fog is a factor. it could impact the morning commute. the approach the bay bridge toll plaza looking good we have seen an increase in volume of and that no metering lights. the san mateo bridge ride moving well in both directions heading out with foster city picks southbound 101 a foggy morning at the golden gate bridge. the drive looking good to marin county. from 101 to 37. >> we will take a quick break we will be back with more. we have a live look from at&t park when the cleanup continues and run other parts of the city. not all of last night's celebrations happen peacefully. there was on destruction and this city by the bay. more coming up. we are back at 439 k him. san francisco giants fans packed the streets last night. some of the celebrations did turn des
over the north santa rosa and petaluma approaching san raphael looks like we could be dry out and livermore. as we push the clock to the 8:00 a.m. hour the showers will start to push their way south will see heavi the cardinals. taking a look and rainfall total scheduled to the end of the storm system with tracking could get about a half inch for east bay spots and 2 in. in the higher elevations. your kron 47 day around they forecast shows who will dry things up in clear things out as we head into the end of this week. with that more in the way of sunshine some clouds as we head into the weekend. expect temperatures in the low seventies in an. low seventies for the bay. at mid-60s with a cult. of an the traffic cente i was talking about southbound 880 ride around 980 has been cleared from the roadways. however, it is still raining. we have more problems to turn your attention to. one on high was down four on hillcrest. a tree down blocking of the westbound lanes. amassing any signs of slowing. here at the pope's approach bay bridge toll plaza traffic a bit busy for westbound r
to celebrate. you win the award, then you homer. the guy from petaluma has 18 home runs. and then bob melvin, watch this in the final out, love this. a's tied with the rangers. after trailing by 13 games on june 30th, he finishes it off. the a's have come all the way back, the winner of the american league west will be decided at 12:35 start tomorrow at the coliseum. and it is nice to see you get on the band wagon. >> i'm happy for both of our teams! you should be too. [ laughter ] >> no, i'm one of these guys that -- no, i'm happy. but you know what journalism is? it's a hard -- no, no! see? you wanted pompoms and all that stuff. what if you came on the air -- 92 it's sports! you can do that! >> oh, so we're the toy department. [ laughter ] >> oh, we're just all fun and games. >> you can do that in sports! >> but not in hard news! >> no. you cannot do that in hard news. i thought you would have learned that by now. >> all the way to the bank. >>> st. louis owes the giants big-time tonight. matt cain is going to start in game 1 of the playoffs. here's the deal. the cardinals lose their
al padrino... ya está detenido un hombre que despareció de petaluma con su ahijada, que es ---aloha... en breve tendremos cobertura del debate presidencial, pero hoy comenzamos con la victoria de los gigantes... ...san francisco celebra el campeonato de la liga nacional, victoria que coloca a los gigantes en la serie mundial.---"edgardo quijano" nos acompaña desde el estadio de los "giants" con la fiesta que se vive en ese lugar... edg trt 1:51gregor blanco; 13 cortesia mlb/fox; 43sergio romo 1; 00jose quezada 1; 10 greg suhr; 130pablo sandoval 1; 44 san francisco celebra el campenato de la liga nacional y los gigantes estan en la serie mundial.edgardo quijano esta en vivo desde el parque de los gigantes con la fiesta que se vive en ese lugar. es emocionante para tofos nosotros los gigantes y los cardenales etsan aquí y pues un orgullo que me da pornerme el uniforme en este equipo y vamos a ganar en el cuarto juego la policía de san francisco ya tenía vigilancia tambienetambién en la marina y como lo harán . >> mira lo que pasa hacer otro juego y hace unos momentos estamos e
joining a search for a missening petaluma boy who may be -- missing petaluma boy who may be heading to the east coast, new york city, to meet a pennsylvania man what he met online. his parents say they discovered communication on his parents student and children. they believe -- communication on his parents' computer. >>> there was a theft at a dental office in vallejo. police broke into the office and tanks were taken. those tanks are used to calm down anxious patients. >>> facebook says the foundation that will offer grants to nonprofits in the south bay will start to award funds at the end the year. they say $500,000 in grants will be distributed to number profits. the investment is part of a deal, in exchange -- in exchange for almost doubling the number of employees. sal says the commute is up and running. what are you looking at now? >> the south bay this time to start the report out. northbound 280. a lot coming around the corner. it's it cal slowing. they are looking to see if there is a crash along the stretch. it could be there. northbound 280. and northbound 101 are very
will be rain-free. giving you a look at the afternoon highs, 73 in petaluma. in the east bay, upper 60s. for oakland as well as alameda. mid-70s, to upper 70s. and santa clara valley, and today, 75, lost gatos. along the peninsula. 0 for san mateo. again, enjoying some sunshine out there at this hour. there's the extended forecast so we will leave the possibility of evening showers for halloween evening. it looks like rain will be with us for at least the first half of the thursday. we'll be drying out and clearing out in time for the weekend. we have still sunshine. >>> still ahead, why facebook has an important meeting with the leaders of the peninsula city. . >>> wall street is preparing to reopen for business as new york city slowly recovers from the wreckage of hurricane sandy. the new york stock exchange plans to begin trading for the first time since friday. they say the trading floor didn't suffer any damage from the storm. it's the first time since a blizzard in late march of 1888. the bad weather closed the markets for two days in a row. >>> the city council will discuss the e
will see 70's for the north bay. '70s in petaluma, and novado and 73 san napa. will be very similar of of the week would seek breaks of sunshine. with sunday, more cloud coverage as that storm will slowly approach the bay area. bringing us a chance of rainfall monday, tuesday. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. >>pam: developing use a high school volleyball coach is behind bars accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. this volleyball coach at this high school was in lafayette. j. r. stone has new details. >> we have learned of this case and the last couple of hours. this coach is believed to of a sexual relationship with the student for one year. i told this news to students, teachers on the principle when the teacher-one the principal came after me. >> he is not a teacher. he is a volleyball coach were to to have to say. >> i am asking you to leave. >> among the public sidewalk. >> he was a volleyball coach we are still trying to get a mod cphoto that is behind bars. we're trying to get a test crash police photographs
. there is no word on the condition of that victim. >>> petaluma police are looking for the man they say tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car on thursday near petaluma high school. the freshman told police the man asked her if she wanted a ride. she refused and walked back to the school. the driver is described as 1-20 years old and the car described as a blue four-door sedan. >>> there were some frightening moments in hayward when a fire broke out@a motel-6. the fire was reported at 6:15 at the motel on industrial drive. firefighters say the fire started in a second floor room that was unrented and apparently unoccupied at the time. one man described what he heard. >> people were coming out and running down the stairs and panicking. i opened my door and i saw smoke out of that room. >> firefighters say when they arrived flames were coming out of door and windows of room. they were able to put the fire out within minutes, but the room was badly damaged. fire inspectors say they have not yet determined what caused that fire. >>> in election 1202012 news, republican presidential mitt
mud creek 90. danville in the upper 80s and also in the north bank upper 80s petaluma. napa mid-70s ocean beach a nice day for you 71 degrees. downtown san francisco upper seventies pushing close to 80 degrees. tomorrow we could set new records or close to it here is a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. hot for thursday 93 degrees in the upper 80s for the bay the coast lower 80s with cool things down friday and>> ty bridge is out oakland into the city the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza moves well as a couple of cars on the road. traffic moves freely from all the approaches with no metering lights to deal with. here on the san mateo bridge west bound traffic tell lies towards foster city no approach on the south coming down the nimitz freeway. at the golden gate no issues with visibility southbound 101 a pretty smooth and easy ride coming out of marin county. westbound 580 in oakland we do have reports of debris blocking some of the left flank. certainly be aware of that it could become a hot spot. not seeing any yellow or red on our re roadway sensors. and napa we do
one week after the earthquake in petaluma. more than 9 million people are expected to participate in this morning's drill. >>> if you saw a light last night, you were not imagining things. north of mendocino county. my house shook and it was a sonic boom that some people did think it was an earthquake. you are looking at the observatory over san jose and it also caught the police by surprise. >> we have a report of a large meteor an explosion in the area of page mill. >> take a look at that dash- cam. now an a front my inspector -- astronomer inspector said it hit the ground and that light show may not be over. i have see them 5 and sal has more. >>> that's right we have a couple of problems, the first one is a rollover in the hayward area, 92 westbound, down to one lane here and as you can see they have righted the car that was overturned and it looks like it might even be up on a tow truck or it is gone. the two lanes are closed and chp told that few, don't go over there, don't stand in the lights. and now here the two right lanes are closed. now the morning commute on northboun
by the victim. they are described as hispanic men in their 20s/30's driving a silver vehicle. >> this petaluma teenager has been missing for four days. the godfather ins the suspect. reggie kumar says that authorities believe that they could be rebecca to leavramp romantically-involv >> relie br-ruby was last seen with her godmother. the godfather, the 29 year-old was also in the vehicle. investigators say the teenagers tried to intervene but he pushed the other to the ground. it is not clear if the teenager was forced inside or if she got inside on her own free will. lt. alliance set of the suspect moved out of the family's home. >> we've not heard from her since wednesday. her family is upset and has not heard from her. we want to make sure that she gets home safe. there is an amber alert. we do not know if there's an imminent danger. to ruby. it did not reach and full import alert but the messages have gone out to all of the airports. and with the help of the national center for exploited children. the department of justice and other law-enforcement agencies will be able to get the word out
closer and petaluma getting hit with a moderate rain. it is all the way up toward sonoma. these cells are moving from south to northeast right now. and we are even seeing some moderate rain toward tiburon and golden gate bridge right here. they are getting hit with weave pavement. it is exsteppedding toward emeryville and oakland and even the east bay, concord, walnut creek and pittsburgh and oakley right now seeing some enhanced radar returns. the yellows indicating some moderate rain. and down toward mountain view, san jose and campbell, most is veer -- verga which means it is not reaching the ground just yet. as it moves in you will see the rain here shortly. we will take you up toward the north coast because this is the cold front. this is a section of the precipitation that will swing south and bring us quite a bit of rainfall for that monday morning commute. temperatures in the 50s as these -- as this moisture feed continues to move in across the bay area. the rain will arrive overnight tonight obviously. rain and wind for the monday morning commute and more showers will be with
. healdsburg with showers and thunderstorms. you will be getting rain in santa rosa, petaluma, novato in the next 30 minutes and san rafael seeing heavier showers between now and 6:00. here's a peek outside. some of you had sunshine, all of us got the most rain we have had in about six months. novato and the oakland hills nearly an inch of rainfall. vacaville .75". more than half an inch for menlo park and then the south bay sunnyvale and santa cruz barely anything less than one eighth of one inch but widespread the most rain that we have had in any one day since way back on april 25th. this is what it looked like the rain showers that we did receive in san jose. some showers there mess up the morning commute all that oil in the asphalt coming out when it hasn't rained in a while and it hadn't until this morning. now let's talk about the snowfall and higher elevations. plenty of snow in the sierra. this is nyack which received several inches of snow just over the past 24 hours. it is still snowing in the sierra now. winter storm warning. low for mid-october. 6 to 11 inches of new snow
out highway 101, marin county, sonoma county. we are seeing showers in petaluma. tonight, dropping down to the 40's. oakland, 53. mountain view, 53. tomorrow, cloudy. but high pressure is building in. the stormmaker is gone. rain is finished after overnight tonight. showers will stay to our north. high pressure this weekend will build to our north. this time of year, a northwest flow of air is fantastic, giving us sunny skies, mild conditions. many of you inland will likely hit the 80's on saturday and sunshine. tomorrow, temperatures increase. the weekend is looking excellent. concord tomorrow, 69. oakland, 67, closer to normal but we're not there yet. santa clara, 72. hayward tomorrow, 68. looking at 67 for petaluma, mill valley, a high of 69. warmer, sunnier on friday. low 80's inland and no showers until next wednesday. >> thanks, paul. >>> coming up, the hot new spa treatment. why people are paying to get slapped in the face. ,,,,,,,,,, thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar
breaking news now to tell you about. word this morning that a missing pedestrian laundry room -- petaluma teenager has been found safe. ruby cruz mendoza was last seen getting into a car with her godfather last thursday. fresno police say they discovered the teenager yesterday afternoon at a home in the city of selma, which is south of fresno. police arrested her godfather, no word yet if the girl has been brought back home to petaluma. >>> the world's largest social network reports its quarterly earnings this afternoon. this is just its second quarterly report as a public company. facebook shares selling for less than half the initial public offering price, about $19 a share right now. and investors will want to hear if facebook is making progress towards increasing revenue on mobile ads. >>> a modesto police sergeant facing charges of child molestation. 40-year-old robert hodges was arrested yesterday just hours after the police department found out about the allegations. now, hodges is accused of molesting a girl who is a member of his family between 2009 and 2010. he's a 15-year veter
and they're suing petaluma egg farm. >> the picture on the packaging depicts hens roaming about in a field. >> reporter: organic eggs usually cost a third more than regular ones. but bonnie doesn't mind. >> i look for that, because i want an animal that is free and roaming free, not in a cage. >> reporter: the animal rights group says that is exactly the misconception. at the farm, it's obvious the hens are not outside. >> if you look around, you see a series of sheds with thousands of hens inside them. and you look at the green fields and you don't see anyone roaming, scratching or playing out there. >> i always thought they were roaming free. that's why i chose to buy them. >> reporter: the owner of the egg farm said he would not comment until after he's read the lawsuit. a family member did tell me by phone that they never claimed their hens were free-range but that they were cage-free and therefore have access to open fields. the class action lawsuit doesn't question whether the eggs are organic. it's about perception. the suit says people who paid extra for what they believe were trul
for "nightline" in petaluma, california. >> must have the zombie gnomes eating the flamingo. thank you, david and thank you for watching abc news. tomorrow night, please join us for kickoff of the special coverage of the presidential debate, the first one in denver. check in for "good morning america," always working while we're resting and always
will race home. a's up 2-1. then in the sixth petaluma pride there it comes and goes. johnny crushed. 18 of the year solo blast. 3-1 like last nature. slam the door in the 9th. crews struck him out. tie texas for the division lead 3-1 the final setting up a winner take all game tomorrow afternoon. >> who would have thought we would be here. i know we did. i know thehole team did. i don't know about anyone else. as long as we believe inside this clubhouse and we know we can get it done, we are going to do it. i honest believe we are going to win it tomorrow. >> started out playing 3 62 games. tomorrow 162. we'll see what happens. >>reporter: amazing. oakland and texas have identical records. 93 and 68. one of them will end up with division titles and one the wild
tomorrow. petaluma, 73, santa rosa, only 73. and san francisco 63 degrees. extended forecast, cooler this weekend, upper 60s near the bay, upper 70s inland, and that chance of rain is for next monday and tuesday. >>> who is the a's' text opponent? we've got the answer. and we're going to take you back inside the clubhouse! ♪ [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement... ♪ ...that inspires me to make my mark. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es 350. ♪ onto the field and drenche's fans wit >>> long after the game was over, jonny gomes came back onto the field and drenched the a's fans in the stands! if not for security, they'd still be there! a 4-run lead to start for texas, but they fought back. 1-run scores, 2-run scores, the a's led 7-5, and watch josh hamilton! the a's won 12-5. >> a fly-ball to center field, that's going to do it! he's there, and he's got it! and the a's have won the west! [ cheering and applause ] >> are you tired of drinking champagne? >> let's get some real questions up in here! heck no! [ laughter ] >> the tigers have their d
the weekend. cooler day look at the temperatures petaluma 91 yesterday. down to 70 this afternoon. it was a 21 degree drop. concord fell from 94 yesterday to 72 today. 22 degrees cool and san jos was 13 deges cooler cingnt degrees. it was cerinly a nice looking day. felt good outside. this was photo sent to you report by one of our views at the blue angels with the practice round and they of course will be out there tomorrow. let's check out life doppler 7 ht. we have clouds not only low cloud but we have higher clouds as well indicated by the brit white coloring here. the gray is the lower clouds. dealing with quite a bit of cloud cover tonight and our very own live doppler 7 hd located on mount saint helena tracking showers as early as next week so watching it for you. temperatures writ now in the 50's and 60's. clouds holding the warmth in from early today. lack for them tonight. partly cloudy for the weekend. and chance of showers coming in monday and tuesday. now overnight tonight we will see that cloud cover so first they think tomorrow morning when you head ou
of petaluma, and betty j of san san francisco, all entered through the facebook page. and the winner will be announced october 18th. you can enter, too. go to face book to -- >> ama: $49,000. worth a chance. >> mike: talking to me? the 49ers and the blue angels hit canning the air waves with a thrashing of the buffalo bills and then the a's tried >> mike: the a's saved an amazing comeback after blowing the lead but the tigers got the last bite. rally towels were out in motown and the tigers needed them. doug fister was lights out for detroit. milone did his part. six innings, one run, six strikeouts, retired ten in a row. now tied in the seventh. a's take the lead for the second time. cliff pennington with the single but the a's give detroit unearned runs. bottom sentence, miguel cabrera, popped is up and cocoa crisp drops it. both runners score. a's rally in the eighth. cespedes stole second and third. one way's throw is wild. cespedes scores. then the 3-2 count on reddick. reddick looks like the hero. oakland takes the 4-3 lead. bottom eight, two outs. the throw gets
clouds starting to move in the north bay valley areas. santa rosa, down towards petaluma, san rafael, socked in this morning with very dense valley fog. do it again tomorrow morning so keep it in mind. south of this location, salinas, up wards gilroy, mid-level clouds are sitted. they start to continue to increase across your area, temperatures won't be as chilly as last night. here is a look at current readings, it's 61 in antioch. san francisco right now, 57 degrees. 61 in mountain view. san jose at 60 degrees and los gatos, 64. here is a look at forecast. clouds and areas of dense valley fog overnight tonight. it will be a little cooler for all of us as we get into our monday afternoon with clouds increasing throughout the day. then a chance of maybe a brief shower, maybe sprinkles. south bay locations as we head into tuesday, possibly lingering in to wdnesday mornin this ith setup cuoff ws o th coast. broht us alst cud free day. fog free, saturday and snday the lo gs closer to us,the clds will stt to move in. ther is a lttle bt o moturessociated withhe syem. heret 3:00 in the aft
, oakland, petaluma, san leandro, santa clara, santa rosa, and sunnyvale. it's looking at california cities after stockton, san bernardino and mammoth lakes declared bankruptcy just months ago. >>> a bay area teenager at the center of a controversial boy scout decision will be having the pleasure of joining ellen degeneres on her show today. his name is ryan andresen in boy scouts for the past 12 years until he was denied his eagle scout award simply because he's gay. ironically, his final scout project focused on tolerance. >> i have gone through a lot of bullying in my life so i went to my middle school and created a wall of tiles and show that we love everyone. >> in a middle school? >> we'll look forward to seeing him on the show. for more on ryan's story and how his fellow boy scouts are showing their support, check out "ellen" today. >>> when we come back, how fast time flies. we'll show you how listening to music changed 30 years ago today. >> getting old fast. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce...
, pacifica 68° downtown 73 north bay 82 petaluma 86 calistoga east bay 70s, 78 oakland, 79 castro valley inland 83 dublin 87 antioch clear along the central coast later today mid 80s in gilroy 90s inland tomorrow low 90s thursday and cooling back as soon as friday. >>> if you -- if your take you towards the macarthur maze, good ride. southern marin roadwork through cortamadera and larkspur. 80 flowing nicely, 580 and 88 free the east bay all looking good into the bay bridge toll. roadwork in san jose sunnyvale area northbound and southbound 280 and 85 ramps from both directions to 85 until 67 a.m. will be shutdown westbound dumbarton bridge roadwork until 5 a.m. slow from newark towards menlo park. eastbound 4 closed at loveridge roadwork until 5:30 slow westbound typical from antioch towards pittsburg. >>> more americans are at risk from a meningitis outbreak. 15 people have died and doctors have seen more than 200 cases. regulators link the outbreak to a steroid used for spinal pain injections they believe three other drugs made by the same manufacturer could help spread meningitis. do
-old man last night near her home in petaluma. investigators believe she may have been in an relationship with him. and the two could be headed for mexico. >>> happening right now in an oakland courtroom, closing arguments in the murder trial of giselle esteban the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le last year at the hayward hospital where le worked. her body was found in pleasanton four months later. >>> developing news involving google. trading of the company stock has been halted after its latest earnings report leaked early and stock price took a drastic plunge. a contractor released the earnings report early by mistake. it was supposed to have been released after the close of regular trading today, the stock fell more than $68 or 9% to $687.30 before that trading was stopped. >>> oregon supreme court ordered release of more than 20,000 pages of confidential files kept by the boy scouts of america. the so-called perversion files identify scout leaders and volunteers banned from the group after being accused sexual or inappropriate conduct with boys from 1965 to 1985.
in petaluma. next couple of days, we are going to see some cooler weather partly cloudy skies over the weekend, and then a series of storms moves in as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. looks like things could get a little wet. much cooler too so some big changes in the works. by the way, don't forget, a big game tonight. that's right, the 9ers and seahawks. if you are headed out, lots of sunshine, temperatures on the warm side about 75 degrees. >> nothing like thursday night football, huh? >> beautiful. >> and i think there's a baseball game tonight too. >>> in saturday is the 21st anniversary of the oakland hills fire. long-time residents can't help but recall the destruction brought on by the massive blaze. roberta gonzales is up in the hills with a little more on prevention. >> reporter: this is gateway gardens pavilion a staging area built for families, neighbors, in the event of an emergency situation so they could all find each other and gather. and that certainly was the case 21 years ago when a wind driven firestorm killed 25 people and destroyed over 3500 homes
arrojo al suelo y se llevo su telefono. stop open roll open blanca ---la policia de petaluma busca a la adolescente de 15 aÑos rubi cruz-mendoza, quien se cree pudo haber sido raptada por su padrino, con quien se sospecha podria tener una relacion sexual. take vo ---ayer por la tarde, mientras rubi caminaba en compaÑia de un amigo, hilarkio matus- carmona de 29 aÑos, se acerco en un auto donde viajaba de pasajero, empujo al acompaÑante de la menor, quien entonces se subio al auto. ---aun no se ha logrado confirmar si la adolescente se subio al auto voluntariamen te o si fue obligada por matus-carmona. ---si cree saber sobre su paradero, comuniquese con las autoridades. blanca ---maÑana seria el cumpleaÑos numero 16 de la adolescente sierra lamar, pero segun su madre, no estan con los animos de celebrar. take vo ---sierra desaparecio hace 6 meses, el pasado 16 de marzo cuando se dirigia a la preparatoria de morgan hill donde estudiaba. ---aunque la busqueda oficial ya concluyo, cada sabado, decenas de voluntarios se reunen para salir a peinar alrededor de morgan hill para intentar
clara,77. 77 for danville. fairfield tomorrow, 82. 76 for petaluma. alameda, 71 degrees. extended forecast, partly sunny, chilly weekend. but we stay dry. can't say the same about next week. rain likely monday, tuesday and wednesday with highs only in the low to mid 60's. sports is up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> play-off baseball and dennis o'donnell is live in st. louis right now. dennis? >> reporter: you forgot to mention that it's 1:30 a.m. in st. louis right now. tomorrow night at this time, the giants will be on a plane flight back to san francisco and if they don't start hitting the baseball, the st. louis cardinals will not be joining them. tim lincecum, rough, making his first start of the postseason in game four. down 2-0 in the second. a 451-foot home run into the sea of red are, pence's first home run. lincecum gave up two in the first and was chased in the second. matt holliday shot in the center. nice job by angel pagan, but hector sanchez drops it as matt carpenter touches home. that made it 3-1. four runs and three walks. top of the sixth... st. louis tacked on
formar parte de una red de prostituciÓn en petaluma. sitios de internet condujo hasta dos hoteles donde arrestaron a varias personas. >>> cerca de 100 personas enfrentan la posibilidad de cargos criminales ofreciendo servicios de contratistas sin tener licencia, llevÓ operaciones encuebiertas en todo el estado, los detenidos podrÍan enfrentar hasta 6 meses de cÁrcel. >>> el Área de la bahÍa registÓo un crecimiento entre el nÚmero de empleo las compaÑÍas aÑadieron 4 puestos de trabajo. en el este de la bahÍa se agregaron 4200 empleos. en el sur 700. en san mateo, san marÍn, 3500 personas se quedaron sin trabajo. >>> desde esta noche el puente de san mateo estarÁ cerrado, entrara en efecto hoy, durarÁ hasta las 5 de la maÑana. los trabajadores harÁn obras de refuerzo sÍsmico. y tras una semana de sol el clima cambiÓ. >>> eduardo nos da una idea de cÓmo se perfila el clima. eduardo adelante. >>> comenzamos con trfia temperaturas que descendieron, las mÁximas entre 69 y 74. y la zona anticiclÓnica fue erosionada. una intensa tormenta invernal comienza a impulsar energÍ
69. 78 for walnut creek. we're looking at low to mid 70s for petaluma and 70 for annually and row -- san leandro. monday through wednesday looking soggy. sports is coming up next. ,,,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. . >>> welcome back, to st. louis the giants, the season on the brink and never won a best of the series down 3-1. barry zito entrusted with bringing the series back the san francisco. gets lance lynn to ground into a double play to end the 2nd inning. no score in the fourth. pence hits the double play ball. scutaro scores, 1-0 giants. same inning 2 out for crawford. i single to center. sandoval scores, 3-0 giants. they win 5-0. game six is sunday back in san francisco. >> can you explain it, i don't know if you can explain it, i hope you enjoy the games because we love to play them. >> everyone is saying th
coast. you can see on live doppler 7hd right now, clear skies. up towards san rafael, petaluma, a few high clouds here and there. let me take you up toward the north coast. crescent city, towards eureka, moderate rain in association with a cold front that will bring the bay area rain just in time for the early morning commute. here's what it looks like on the satellite radar composite. a lot of cold air here. this is the batch of moisture moving into the north coast, but it's back here, this plume of moisture that will make its way across the bay area tomorrow morning. we'll take a look and pinpoint that time frame for you in a bit. ter fer now to -- >> terry: now to tonight's other big story, the baseball playoffs, another do-or-die game for the giants. sir gentleman quintana is at tt at&t to binge our team coverage. >> in the last hour, the winds have gotten blustery. the fans have gotten really loud, and there have been quite a few runs in favor of the giants, in the early part of the game. every fan i have talked to today says all they really want is to continue cheering ev
the incident appeared to happen off school grounds. >>> the search continues for 15- year-old petaluma girl who has been missing for five days. police saury by cruz was last seen getting into a car with her god father hilario. the two may have been involved in a relationship. investigators are are reportedly focusing the search for the pair in the central valley along the highway 99 and interstate 5 corridor. >>> time now 4:50. a special designation for a north bay down. the three reasons why windsor was chosen as a bicycle friendly community. >>> plus cyclings governing body rules on lance armstrong's doping case. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news new this morning a major blow to cyclist lance armstrong after the cycling body strips his seven tour defrance titles and bans him from cycling for life. the international cycling union president said a short time ago armstrong has no place in the world of cycling. their decision comes after a report from the u.s. antitauping agency that accused him and his teammates for using performance enhancing drugs. armstrong denies the claims
well and we are problem free here. however, it is very heavy issue head down the to petaluma. >> in a it is went everywhere and we do keep letting you know to leave early if you're heading out the door. 6 c1 >> and the rain may be falling this morning but giants fan are looking for falling this morning but giants fan are looking for thjack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item. i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?! (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because on
should probably try going on the 880. >> in the north bay ride on 1 01 south, still jammed into petaluma. >> the san francisco giants did it again. game 7 and they stayed alive from the breakup of an elimination. the giants' offense came alive and they had five runs off early. they held the cardinals only one run. here is the reaction from the team. >> and everything is going your way when you are having fun. lacher 13 in a row.last yee in a row. if overtraining and cincinnati we had to win three but we do need to worry about just one game at a time. this game is expected to start after 5:00 p.m. we will see if that happens. >> well caltran is live at the park. if you would like to be here it will be a 100 percent chance. we play best with our backs against the wall. it will be a cold and windy game. this will show you what is going on. the gusty conditions are apparently--by 5:07 p.m. it should be pretty good we would just have to wait and say. if you would like to go to the game the tickets are sold out. the ticket prices have been changing on-line throughout the morning. there are 800
a 5%. we lost 205. on friday down to 50 right now. >> a missing petaluma teenager ruby mendoza has been found. she was found at home in the city of selma south of fresno. a new station got a tip about where she was and they notified the petaluma police. they went to the home and found her mendoza's got father a hat u escal is s 3o carry out their mission we're down to 285. >> the candidates a softening of the debate. romney repeatedly blamed the polipresident for not having strong foreign policy. >> off the time now the 7:36 a.m. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. let's take a live look outside as the james lick in san francisco and new conceive a sluggish traffic here slowing down on the 101 southbound believe that all the hot spots in just a couple of minutes. announce plans today to achieve their goal of becoming energy independent using solar and wind power. they will rely on the sun and wind to produce all the power he uses and its stores and buildings worldwide within a decade. they plan to install more rooftop solar panels. and replacing 1.2 million incan
developing news from the fresno area. that's a -- that's where a missing petaluma girl has been found south. police reportedly tracked down ruby cruz-mendoza at a home in fresno and they arrested her godfather. the teenager was last seen getting into a car with him and the two are suspected of having a sexual relationship. there's no word if the girl has been brought back to petaluma. >>> two national figures, donald trump a and gloria ail led, both expected to spring an october surprise. >>> and an earthquake scientist sent to jail? >>> mostly cloudy skies here. could be some off-and-on rain. mostly cloudy skies. clear and breezy. temperatures staying in the 60s today. there's still some snow up in the sierra-nevada. get your chains ready if you are heading up to the high country. coming up at 7:30, we'll have a live report from blue canyon where snow is causing problems with the roads. it looks like the snow is up to a foot. >>> chances appear slim for a u.n. proposed cease fire. the arab league convoy for syria has proposed that both sides lay down their arms during a four-day muslim hol
. >>> police plan to release more details on the case of missing teenaged girl from petaluma found safe in the central valley. 15-year-old ruby mendoza, was last seen getting in a car with her godfather a 29-year-old and another man last wednesday yesterday afternoon police in fresno received a tip she was in a home south of fresno. police went to the house identified ruby and arrested the man. >>> giants fever is gripping the bay coming off of last night's epic series win fans are gearing up for tomorrow's start of the world series right here at home. amy hollyfield is live at at&t park. >> reporter: good morning. the dug out store opened two hours early this morning it is crowded in there even more crowded than the assistant manager expected. fans are using this break in between series to some shopping. >> looking for the world series apparel. trying to beat the . >> reporter: post-season sweatshirts for men are sold out. national league championship t-shirts selling for $32. commentator stopped by to stock up. >> i'm here i've got to get shirts and hats for relatives and friends. we
. morgan hill, 66. and union city, 63. mid-50s. and livermore. petaluma, we have a baseball game tomorrow. 62 for a high. back in the 70s inland on thursday with some afternoon sunshine. look at the weekend. 78 on saturday and sunday. no rain until next tuesday. that's your cbs five-day forecast. >> thanks, paul. >>> a typical reaction when you are stuck in snow is to call 911. for an 82-year-old, he waited four days to call for help. as laura tells us, he didn't want to get too excited. >> another chain ripped off. oh, hell. >>> it's been quite a unique few days for 82-year-old ed boyston. his truck got stuck in a snow three miles from the house in an isolated dirt road. >> sat there for a little over two days. third day, i called 911. >> you sat in your car for almost three days? >> yeah. yeah. >> why didn't you call 911 an hour after you were stuck. >> why get excited? >> that's right. ed didn't call 911 for about 3 days. he sat in his truck and made the most of it. >> eating peanuts and drinking rockstar. after getting his call, ed told him, he only called 911 because he got uncomfort
fue localizada la adolescente de petaluma quien desaparecio la semana pasada. take vo ---rubi cruz-mendoza, de 15 aÑos y estudiante de la preparatoria "casa grande", fue encontrada ayer por la tarde en una vivienda de la ciudad de selma, al sur de fresno. ---en el hogar, tambien fue detenido hilario matus-carmona de 29 aÑos, padrino de la menor, y quien se sospecha tiene una relacion amorosa con su ahijada. ---la menor desaparecio el miercoles pasado. topvo cesar ---una mujer de la ciudad de stockton ha sido detenida bajo sospecha de asesinar a su pareja durante una fiesta el fin de semana en el este de san jose... ---segun la policia, el sabado por la noche anna khoun de 2o aÑos, tuvo una pelea con sovannara liv de 26, tras lo cual, ella le disparo matandolo en el acto.. stop open roll open topfs blanca --hoy le presentamos la medida "d" de la ciudad de san jose... ---requiere que el salario mnimo en san jos se incremente a 10 dlares la hora--- take grfica # 2: un voto a favor significa que usted aprobara que el salario mnimo sea de 10 dlares la hora take grfica # 3: un voto en
and mount you. 64 in sunnyvale. mid-60's for pittsburgh fairfield. up to the north bay 62 in petaluma. 63 year afternoon high in berkeley cooler in san francisco. >> we do have morning showers a mix of sun and clouds as we head into the afternoon. by thursday expect clear conditions however, temperatures still on the cooler side. and temperatures on the rise. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows fairweather into the weekend. the chance for showers does exist as we start the next workweek. george. >> thank you erica we continue to monitor our hot spots. will start our project at the san mateo bridge where the traffic is was born into san francisco june. we want to show him to you he has an orange color. giants are orange. so giants can think that this is they're lucky charm because the month he was born when the giants started winning in the playoffs. is it a coincidence. there is a naming concert test going on. --contest. >> surely you can think of. >> we have google coming out this morning that actually did something cool. that are expanding their services inside the grand can
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